MadCatz – Tournament Ed.

  • Anti-Ghosting with 30-Key RolloverReliably detects up to 30 keys pressed at once. Press ANY combination of keys without phantom strokes, enabling the very highest APM in StarCraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite, Warcraft 3 and more
  • Custom-Tuned for eSportsAccurate and hyper-quick, precise tactile feedback comes via Kailh Brown mechanical switches
  • 36 Commands for ANY GameIntuitive software enables 36 commands via 12 programmable keys over 3 modes
  • Pre-Made Game ProfilesJump into great games with custom programming for Minecraft, WoW, WildStar and more
  • Multi-Zone Illuminated KeysPerfect for dim environments, assign separate illumination to the main keyboard, cursor keys, and WASD
  • Tough & ReliableA durable metal frame vastly extends lifespan, and the switches can withstand over 50 million presses

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